Our Services Include


Flexible and easy check-in
Reception help 24 hours
Best travel information (from locals)
TV room with cable
Snooker Area inside the hostel
Gaming Zone.
Free internet access with Wi-Fi
Airport pick-up with extra charges
Fully equipped kitchen
Bathroom with hot water and always clean!
Accommodation Information
We offer furnished singles, doubles, En-suite Queen Bed Rooms and dormitories for groups at a better price than a neighbouring hotel or hostel and better quality!
. Single room
. Double Standard (with Shared WC)
. Double Bed En-suite (Private TV + TV)
. Dorm x4 pax


We offered 10 rooms with the capacity of 26 people. It's just 8 km. (14 minutes. by train or 9 minutes. by car) far from Warsaw city centre and 9 km. (less than 15 minutes. by car) far from the Chopin Airport.

The hostel is located in calm area with facilities of car parking and security as well as Children Play ground very next to our banglow. The hostel has peaceful atmosphere and high-quality service with reasonable prices. Our hostel is 365 days open and also suitable for the short-long term accommodations.

We have family rooms with the small children. Our place includes resting saloon for breakfasts and lunches, dinners for the groups. Beside, you can use the kitchen equipment by yourself.


  • Prices may change from time to for special events holiday and parties.
  • You can get the special discount on the membership card throughout the year.
  • You can get special discount on group booking and free of cost airport pick-up.
  • Special prices available for the reservation of more than 8 nights.



You must give the accommodation at least 48 Hours' notice of any change and/or cancellation of your booking, otherwise you will be charged for the 1st night and any remaining nights will be cancelled. Please check with the Management of the Hostel after you're booking has been confirmed, to confirm the most up to date Cancellation Policy. Your experience will help us to learn..

Please check with the Management of the Hostel after you're booking has been confirmed, to confirm the most up to date Cancellation Policy.

Your experience will help us to learn.


Welcome to Warsaw! The capital of Poland, is one of the largest city in central Europe. It’s has lots to offer to visitors, but, on the contrary to Prague, Paris or London, it has not been invaded by thousands of tourists yet, so you’d better hurry up and see it now.

We are standing in the middle of the historical Old Town, dating back to thirteenth century. The Old Town was totally destroyed by the Nazis during the Second World War, but we decided to rebuilt it back as original as possible up to the smallest detail. To give tribute to the work of the reconstructors, UNESCO has decided to enlist the Old Town of Warsaw, on the World Heritage List (it is the only place not fully original).



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