1. I arrived in Warsaw for a 2 days trip. Anton Hostel Staff helped me in feeling home. They can ensure you a taxi service, a very good place to stay in cheapest price in warsaw, I had a lovely time there. If you need a break it is what you are looking for.

Chunkie Linda


2. Warsaw was very good for a weekend break. There are some nice shops and surprisingly some very good restaurants. Traditional Polish food is very filling, but very tasty!, i like my stay in anton hostel. A++ service.

Frank Malroy


3. Warsaw is a very intersting place! There isn't that much to do, but there is some nice buildings and a lot of good shops. It is reasonably priced too. i like my stay in anton hostel.

Dave Grant


4. This is a large thriving up and coming European capital. Most Ples who dont live there seem to hate the place for a reason i fail to understand. Although the central area can appear somewhat ugly at first glance there are a lot of beautiful buildings including the citys landmark Palace of science and culture and the old town which was totally reconstructed after the second world war is well worth exploring. Shopping is good, with a large mall next to the main railway station and the city is relatively compact and can easily be explored on foot. Eating out and alcohol is rather inexpensive as Poland is not yet in th Euro so you can still reap thebenefits of the Polish Zlotty.l

Mary Flows


5. Ive marked good for this as for the most time we stayed in a hostel room. The complex was set in amongst a few other nearby hotels but we didnt mind. We did eat out a few times but mostly ordered room service which was nice. We did do a day trip out which was organised by the complex, that was really nice. They can do all sorts of things like that for you at your request.

Gareth Forster


6 We stayed in Warsaw for a few days and whilst I can appreciate there are plenty of things on offer, it was not for me. The restaurants in the city are nice but few and far between for my liking when it comes to decent food. There was not as much cultural sites as i had hoped but for other things to do there are plenty.

Steven Fleming



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