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The 'unprecedented achievements' of President Mills

2012-3-16  The President identified some of the areas of his unprecedented success as the macro-economy, sound education and a buoyant energy sector. Actually, after making that claim, I was expecting to hear that deep-throated joyous laughter that would have indicated that the President was having some fun at the expense of the journalists.

The Negative Achievements of President Mills

This goal needs to be idealistic and directed toward a better national future" There is recent national euphoria about the achievements of President Mills. The President's supporters within the

Press Statement on NDC Top 50 Achievements in Two

2010-12-15  Ironically, true to the dishonesty in this green book, Achievement 6 claims the integrated Ghana Revenue Authority as one of the top 50 achievements of President Mills.

Biography Of John Evans Atta Mills, Wife, Children and

2020-7-7  On January 7, 2009, Mills was officially sworn in as president of Ghana. After his inauguration he set about to improve the socio-economic situation of ordinary Ghanaians, who ranked among the world’s poorest people, with an average daily income of $2.32, a 60 percent literacy rate, and 10 percent unemployment despite the country’s potentially valuable natural resources.


2019-2-19  Ironically, true to the dishonesty in this green book, Achievement 6 claims the integrated Ghana Revenue Authority as one of the top 50 achievements of President Mills. Achievement 20 cites the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority, a major broken promise as a top achievement even though its funding is about 1000% below target.

NDC touts its achievements Today Newspaper

2012-3-31  “President Mills in three years has not just achieved an unprecedented single digit inflation but also an unprecedented low budget deficit, GDP growth, an unprecedented rise in Foreign Direct Investments and portfolio investments, single spine salary scheme, an unprecedented international confidence in Ghana’s economy among other things” he stated.

Biography of John Dramani Mahama, Wife, Kids and

2020-7-7  Mills won the December 2008 presidential election, and he and Mahama were inaugurated on January 7, 2009. After the unexpected death of Mills on July 24, 2012, Mahama was elevated to the presidency, just months before the end of Mills’s term.

Achievements of Mahama: NDC’s Claim on Four Major

2020-8-25  The National Democratic Congress (NDC), on July 29, released a statement to highlight 60 achievements of their flagbearer and former president, John Dramani Mahama. The statement was in response to Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s claims of 50 reasons why Ghanaians have to choose president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) over John

Presidency lists 64 achievements of Buhari Daily Post

2018-10-11  18) Livelihood Improvement Family Enterprises (LIFE) programme under President Buhari would add about 5,965,000 metric tons of foods to the national food

President Kufuor At 80: Political Life And

2018-12-9  Kufuor won the presidential election of December 2000; in the first round, held on 7 December, Kufuor came in first place with 48.4%, while John Atta-Mills, Jerry Rawlings’ Vice-President, came in second with 44.8%, forcing the two into a run-off vote. In the second round, held on 28 December, Kufuor was victorious, taking 56.9% of the vote.